Land Surveying

We offer the following professional services:

We combine the latest in surveying technology with highly skilled and experienced personnel to deliver cost-effective, high accuracy surveys in both hardcopy and digital mediums, tailored to meet your requirements.

Our Contour Surveys also known as Detail Surveys, Tache /Topographic Surveys, detail all noteworthy features relevant to a particular site. We include positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication points, roads, driveways, municipal utilities / services, and levels across the property. This survey can be used as the base plan for your subdivision Design/Development plan.

The professionally drafted plans record:

  • Property levels/ spots shots
  • Contours at 0.5m intervals (or as required)
  • Benchmark level on site
  • Building footprint and floor levels
  • Noteworthy physical / manmade features
  • Utility services (drainage, gas, power, sewer, phone, water, etc)

We are able to meet all your Infrastructure Surveying needs from project concept, through to completion.

Benefits of our surveys include:

  • Achieve optimal conformance of excavation, shotcrete and final lining layers
  • Existing conditions or as-built can be captured rapidly using 3D laser scanning
  • Location and survey of underground services prior to works commencing
  • Accurate installation and erection of structural steel components on complex and high tolerance structures
  • We can manage the entire survey package or work integrated with the main contractors survey team

Services we offer on Infrastructure Surveying projects are:

  • Roads setting out
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Setting out civils work for construction sites
  • Setting out buildings
  • Solar farms
  • Powerline Surveys
  • Underground utility detection
  • Volumetric surveys

From simple property Subdivisions, New township establishments, Consolidations of stands, Beacon certificates and relocations and Sectional title surveys, the team can give you the best advice. By utilizing our range of specialized services such as site surveys and sectional title units development, we can partner with you through the entire ‘survey to final sale’ process.

We are equipped for every aspect of the job requirement, providing the complete solution. By using the latest technology we’re able to be efficient and reactive, with the team available whenever you need them. From topographic and site surveys, through to site subdivisions, township pegging and sectional titles development projects. We also provide assistance on cadastral land advisory (Expropriations, Land reform and management) as well as arbitration on boundary disputes

If you need advice on how best to utilize your land or assistance through the entire land development process, talk to us.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient systems that ensure accuracy and precision without causing delays to construction of high-rise and low-rise buildings
  • Calculate and set-out structures accurately and efficiently
  • Rapidly capture precise 3D data to compare as-built to design
  • Create 3D modeling of structural modules prior to their mobilization to site
  • Unreachable or constricted places can be captured due to highly mobile measuring systems
  • Ensure items are within fabrication tolerance specification, safeguarding against compliance issues
  • Improved safety through precision monitoring of movement of structures

Services we offer on Building Construction Surveys projects are:

  • High-rise construction
  • Hospitals
  • Residential complex and houses
  • Schools
  • Refurbishments
  • Low to medium-rise